Product Name£ºhead up display
Product Description£º

Main Features:
A, OBD mode information display: Vehicle speed, Clcok, RPM, Water temperature, Voltage, Fuel consumption, Driving time, Driving distance, Turbo pressure, Acceleration test, Brake test, Clear fault code...
Alarm: Overspeed alarm, RMP alarm, High water temperature alarm, Low voltage alarm, Engine fault alarm, Clear fault code, Free switching between kilometer and miles, KM/h & MPH Switch freely, °C & ¨H  switch freely.
B, GPS mode information display: Speed, Clock, Driving time, Driving distance, Satellite number, Altitude, Compass...
Alarm: Overspeed alarm, Low voltage alarm, Free switching between kilometer and miles.
Two kinds Installation:
1. A-pillar trim
2. Dashboard

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