Product Name£ºChery QQ 2016 android 8.1
Product Description£º

The product is suitable for:Chery QQ 2016
1.Support operation system: Android 8.1 system.
2.Support 4GB RAM
3.Support 64GB Rom
4.Support CPU:8 core
5.With 2.5D IPS screen
6.build in carplay,DSP.
7. Support capacitance multiple touch screen.
8. Our cables are plug and play. There is no need
to cut the original car cable.
1. Support 9 inch digital screen.
2. Support to connect to the android phone and iPhone.
3. Built-in GPS navigation system.
4. Support dual zone function.
5. Support play 1080P Video.
6. Support changing the wallpaper.
7. Support high fidelity music output.
8. Built-in WIFI receiver .
9. Support USB input.
10. Support the display date and time.
11. Support Bluetooth music and Bluetooth Phone.
12. support folder Management.
13. Support graphical user interface.
14. Support Application installation.
15. Built-in microphone or support external microphone.
16. Support calculator function.
17. Support digital TV function (Optional).
18. Support reverse camera function (Optional).
19. Support vehicle traveling data recorder (DVR) (Optional).
20.support connect headrest and monitor (Optional).

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