Product Name£ºhead up display Q5
Product Description£º

Main feature
1.Work for all the vehicles,easy installation,plug and play
2.TFT LCD multi color smart display
3.The language can be changed 
4.Multi function display or simple function display can be switched freely
5.New functions: accelerating competitive mode ,Brake performance test
6.Rich Contents:driving speed,voltage,single driving distance ,driving time,over speed alarm,freely switch between kilometers&miles.
Hardware Specification:
Environment temperature: -40c- + 80c 
atmospheric pressure 86-106KPa
Relative Humidity: 10% -95% 
environmental noise <= 60dB (A)
Alarm sound level: =30dB (A)
Working voltage: 9V ~ 16Vdc (12Vdc / 400mA)

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