Product Name£ºhead up display D2000
Product Description£º

1.  Support car model : OBDII and  EOBD car model with  
Car automatic diagnosis system (it can  Automatic Matching models)
2. big lcd display 4 inch , good for read data
3. 2years warranty, so you dont worry it
4. dual power supply design ,it can eliminate the influence of car ECU and the central lock when it is standby , when it is standby ,the current is smaller,more stable
5. it have a manual power switch, when you dont use HUD ,it can completely cut off the power supply
Main Features: 
1. Calls and massages: icon will be bright when call and massage.
2. Mile per hour, kelio meter per hour: unit of speed.
3. Data 1: current speed.
4. Data interface: communicate with the vehicle.
5. Speed alarm; alarming when overdriving.
6. Voltage,rest engine failure ,sound: prompted icon.
7. Engine speed current engine speed.
8. Coolant:coolant temperature.
9. Light sensor:auto induced brightness.
10. Gear prompt: suggested what gear did you change.
11. Data 2: corresponds to the following icon value.
12. Dial button: go into the  settings.
13. Engine speed ,air pressure,coolant ,time, voltage: function icons.
14. Ignition angle,acceleration:functions icons.
15. Throttle, fule: function icons.
16. Data 3:corresponds to the following icon value.

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