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Product introduction-------------------------------------------------------------------------3
Product feature------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3
Product specification------------------------------------------------------------------------------4
Host kit introductio----------------------------------------------------------------------------------5
Introduction of the remote control---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------       6
System connection diagram------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  7
 Product installation--------------------------------------------------------------------------------9
Panoramic collimation --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  10
Main menu-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17
Video list --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19
Video Settings---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------19
Control Settings-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------20
Camera Settings------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20
Display Settings-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------21
Side view Settings------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  22
Parameter management------------------------------------------------------------------------ 22
External G-sensor switch--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  24
Software play on the computer-------------------------------------------------------------------------------  24



Product introduction
360 all around panoramic parking system is through the installed in the front and rear of 4 ultra wide Angle fish-eye camera collection vehicles around the image at the same time, after dealing with the algorithm synthesis, forming a picture of vehicles around the 360 - degree panoramic aerial view, real-time transmission to the central screen, make the driver can see the situation around the truck directly from your screen, there is no perspective blind area on the ground, can help the driver to confirm whether there is any obstacles around the vehicle clearly, help drivers easy road and parked vehicles
Reverse¡¢Turn around¡¢Display under normal operation  

Product features£º
360 all round panoramic parking system , seamless splicing, the ground without blind spots
automatic calibration, the calibration easy and convenient
4 road image real-time driving records, the local playback
high-definition input signal, image quality is clear and fluent

Item Spec
Camera Chip sensor SONY 225
Sensor size 1/3" CCD
SNR 44 dB
The lowest illuminance 0.1 LUX
Dynamic range 82 dB
Video output AHD 720P
Waterproof IP67
View angle horizontal angle>175°
Working voltage 3.3V
Working current <250mA
Main box Working voltage range 9~16V
Working current <500mA
Standby current <10mA
Working temperature range -20¡æ ~ 70¡æ
Working humidity range 40% ~ 80%

Host kit introduction

The host and the main beam related interface is as follows:
1, power adapter, connect the power supply and control line (power supply and line connection body B +, the ACC, GND, back, left and right turn signal)
: 2, black BMW joint connection in front of the camera
3, yellow BMW joint: connect the rear camera
4, red BMW joint: links on the left side of the camera
5, blue BMW joint: connect the right side of the camera
6, yellow AV interface: host video output interface, through video extension cord is connected to the central display
7, black 3.5 mm interface: connect the infrared remote control
8, USB interface: connect USB flash drive, can be used for driving records, system upgrades, parameter storage
9, indicator light: the host power status indicator, indicator shows that when the host power to work properly, when the light is not bright show host power supply is abnormal



Introduction of the remote control

1, on/off button: press this button to start or close the Birdview function
2, before the direction key: view before moving up or display
3, the return key: return key
4, left key direction: to move or to the left shows the left view
5, the OK button: identify key, play and pause the video, to enter the Settings menu of driving
6, right direction key: according to right or to the right view
7, parameters, by adjusting the parameters of the key: + / - regulation
After 8, the direction key: move down or show the back view
9, save button: save the parameters
10, parameters increase/fast rewind button: increase or driving fast video broadcast
11, reduce/fast forward button: parameters to reduce or driving fast video into play
12, 0-9 key: enter the value of 0 ~ 9

System connection diagram

Camera, video, USB, infrared connection details:
A, the host USB interface: can connect U disk, card reader for driving records, system upgrades, parameters, such as storage
B, black 3.5 mm interface: connect the infrared remote control wiring harness
C, yellow AV video interface: host video output interface, connection control display after reversing visual input
D, black BMW head: connection front camera
E, yellow BMW head: depending on the camera after connection
F, red BMW head: connect the left camera
G, blue BMW head: connecting the right camera

(1) the blue line: connection control shows reverse control line
(2) black line: connect body power
(3) yellow line: connect the body often electricity 12 v
(4) red line: connection body ACC
5. The orange line: connection body right turn signal line
6 pink line: connection body left turn signal line
All landowners green line: connection body back light line

Extension interface connection details:
1) UART_TX: external CAN box or control displays the TX touch
(2) UART_RX: external CAN box or central display touch RX
(3) GND: output peripherals
(4) B + : 12 v power supply output peripherals
(5) G_SENSOR_CTL: external vibration switch trigger signal
6 GND:
All landowners GND:
TRACK_TX: trajectory camera communication line




product installation
1, prepare 2 set 7.5 m tape measure, 2 to 5 m measuring tape
2, prepare 4 checkerboard calibration of 1.6 m * 1.2 m fabric, cloth material, it is better for matte reflective material for image recognition

1 to punch, drill, multimeter, screwdrivers and related tools
The installation of 2, 360 host
(1), 360 host can be installed in the car driving indoor anywhere, but in order to facilitate inserted SD card, suggest installation well ventilated at the bottom of the main driving and the co-pilot are near central display position
(2), 360, the host needs to be fixed tightly when installation, in order to prevent the vibration impact file storage
5, the installation of cameras
(1), rear view camera: after universal view camera installed in the car tail, height is greater than 400 mm from the ground, in order to display with can see body advisable; Special cameras should be customized
(2), forward-looking camera: universal camera installed in the front of the car, height is greater than 400 mm from the ground, Angle adjustment to see body advisable; Special cameras should be customized. Due to the engine room temperature is higher, in front of the camera extension cord need insulation casing, at the same time line need to avoid the high temperature parts
(3), left camera: universal left the installation of cameras to the bottom of the left rear view mirror punching installation fixed; Special cameras need to customize
(4), right camera: universal right depending on the installation of cameras to be in the right rear view mirror at the bottom of the punching installation fixed; Special cameras need to customize
1¡¢Panoramic collimation
adjust the camera Angle¡¢Front/rear camera
(1) body should appear in the camera image below
(2) front and rear bumpers should appear in the camera image within a third area, adjust the camera Angle to the body of the vertical ground 45 ~ 75 ° Angle range, Angle adjustment is completed, please lock the camera Angle


(3)¡¢Side Camera
Around the body appear in the camera within 1/2 region in the figure, the center line of the camera to the lateral partial 0 ~ 20 ° and back 0 ~ 5 °


(4)¡¢ check the checkerboard image clarity
Panoramic view into "calibration" - > "camera calibration", check whether the checkerboard calibration cloth according to complete, is the contour shows clearly, such as incomplete or not clear, need to adjust the camera or external light, in order to achieve the above requirements
(5) Tape put
(1), four put tape around the body, into a rectangle
To put in front of the distance around the tire is measured with the measuring tape to tape, on both sides to keep a distance
, and then put a tape measure around, finally put the back of the tape measure. Need to keep the before and after the tape
About width, the length of the tape
(2), adjust the camera Angle and the position of the tape

2, the calibration of cloth put
(1), before and after the calibration with a tape measure of rectangle as the basis, to put, for calibration of the centerline of the center line and rectangle
(2), about the calibration of cloth tape of rectangular box as the basis, to put, the center line are aligned with the camera around the rearview mirror
(3), read "L" length (calibration), the "W" width (calibration), the value of "D" (offset), and records, including D1 = D2 = D


2, panoramic set-up
(1), after completing the above steps, then enter the panoramic calibration model. Press the "OK" button on the remote control "to enter the Settings menu, select" panoramic set-up "- >" adjusting the parameters"

After entering the parameter adjustment menu

Calibration models length: with the remote control input width "W"
Vehicle width: with the remote control input calibration length "L"
About migration: a "D" input offset with the remote control
Optical lens: different models, please choose a different lens options, use the system default no custom
Light-sensitive chips: different sensor type, please choose a different option, no custom use the system default values
Camera image:
Forward-looking camera: NO (camera output image to the original like choose "NO", otherwise choose "YES")
Rear view camera: NO (camera output image to the original like choose "NO", otherwise choose "YES")
Left camera: NO (camera output image to the original like choose "NO", otherwise choose "YES")
Right camera: NO (camera output image to the original like choose "NO", otherwise choose "YES")
According to distance:
In front of the distance: 200
The rear distance: 200
Distance: 200
The three option is used to adjust the panoramic view display area around the body, in cm, the default display panoramic images, body around 2.00 meters area can be adjusted according to actual needs
1, setting up body parameters well, select "automatic correction" menu
The above parameters are set after success, select "automatic correction", press OK key, can enter the automatic calibration,
After waiting for a period of time, panoramic calibration is complete. If it fails, please adjust the position of the calibration of cloth or view the surrounding light.
Panoramic calibration failure reason:
* * calibration template detection when the system displays "failure", please check the following several aspects:
A, the installation of cameras is higher than 400 mm high, if not, please adjust the height
B, camera imaging is exposure or display in the show window, if yes, please clean up the points of light
C, camera imaging for shelter, if yes, please remove obstructions
D, whether in black and white checkerboard calibration of imaging, image is clear, if not, please check the lens is
No clear or mobile calibration cloth make clear imaging
E, camera around whether meet the requirements
Repeat after dealing with the above situation, and then to "panoramic correction", until the panoramic calibration is complete
(1), lens correction:
After entering "camera calibration", you can look at before and after, left, right of unilateral unilateral view, can also be distortion model of single camera calibration, in order to achieve better calibration effect
(2), manual calibration:
When dealing with unfavorable external light, can enter the "manual calibration" option, manual for before and after, left and right camera calibration, in order to obtain better calibration effect, but before getting into the "manual calibration", enter the "camera calibration", before and after the around four distortion model for camera calibration) :


 need to select each image around four point;
point position respectively in the corner of the four most black and white case angular point;
corner have a magnifying glass, in order to accurately select the corresponding position;
after 16 points choice, automatic manual calibration work;

(1), manual adjustment:
Into the "manual control" can be adjusted the panoramic calibration effect, can pass before the "direction key", "after the direction key", "left the direction key", "right direction" stretching and effect of the figure of a single calibration adjustment, in order to achieve satisfactory results.
through "parameters increase/fast rewind button", "parameter decreases/fast forward button", in the before and after, left, right four to adjust to switch between images
when adjusted to a picture, the current image will appear in a small black cross fork, each image will have four small cross fork, when press the "OK" key ", in the four small switch between cross fork, but every time will only display a spider
each small cross fork near the control of its image stretching and migration, press the direction key "before", "after the direction key", "left arrow keys", "right direction", respectively the screen image of cross fork near the up and down or so

Example: the following panorama, the upper left corner stitching, the use of "manual control" function can quickly complete the regulation of splicing effect




The main menu
Press the "OK" key "to enter the main menu Settings

Driving record: driving video files play/fast forward / / locking/remove to retreat quickly, and the relevant set of video;
Control Settings: set the video channel, storage location, and the system time, as well as camera related power, system Settings;
Display Settings: set the display Settings related and elevation Settings;
Panoramic set-up: adjustment of the panorama of the parameter setting and stitching
System Settings: manage the parameter, U disk formatting, version, display, etc.




Video list
In the main menu select "driving records", enter the driving records menu, enter the driving record list at this time, according to the driving records of recording time choose to view the file, press "OK" button to view ", at the same time can through the remote control of the "parameters increase/fast rewind button", "parameters reduce/fast forward button", "OK button" records control playback fast rewind, fast forward, play and pause

When playing records, can use the remote control of the key direction of single amplification state video to watch. Records do not plug a storage device, so as not to damage the U disk. The following figure for driving record files play four menu:

The following is a single screen display driving record files play:

Video Settings
Press "OK" key "to enter the main menu, choose" video Settings "to enter the following Settings interface

Date format: year/month/day - > day/month/year - > to choose between month/day/year;
Channel selection: four road/before/after/left/right/no, select the desired record video channel;
Date: set (date) (month) (year).
Time: set the minutes;
Control Settings
Press "OK" key "to enter the main menu, select" control Settings "to enter the following Settings interface

Turn signal control: "open" system start when turned to the light panoramic images, "off" don't separate control image to start the turn signal
Emergency light control: "open" system start the panoramic image when emergency lights, emergency light "off" said no separate control image
Control mode: "intelligent control" mode according to user's operation mode, "start automatically" said ACC open system startup delay picture after 10 seconds, then close the image
Vibration induced: "open" said vibrations to the body, start the video, "off" said vibrations to the body, don't start the video. (note: vibration induced need to insert the external vibration sensor, to be effective, otherwise set to "open" is invalid)
Camera Settings
Press "OK" key "to enter the main menu, select" camera Settings ", to enter the following interface
Camera type: select your camera is inserted D1 or 720 p;
Camera type: select the camera you insert format, NTSC/PAL.
Camera power supply: 3.3 V to + 12 V, 3.3 V, 12 V
Camera image:
Before the camera: if set before the camera image;
After camera: after set whether the camera image;
Whether left camera: set the left camera image;
Whether the right camera: set up the right camera image;

Display Settings
Output formats: set the CVBS output format: NTSC/PAL.
Display time delay: 30 Sec, can choose according to need to delay closing time, 0 min for not delay shut down
Transparency: set the transparency of the menu;
Brightness: setting the brightness of the camera;
Colour: set the chromaticity of cameras;
Contrast: contrast the set the camera;
Language Settings: can according to different need to choose a different language
Panoramic layout: can choose a panoramic image on the left side, or on the right
Panoramic logo: can choose images of the logo, the logo for this preview image


Profile Settings
Camera: the camera around the elevation of display area;
Assist line: whether the auxiliary lines show the switch;
Line: whether line shows the switch Settings;
Decrease: reduce the strakes, corresponding camera image area;
Zoom: amplification strakes, corresponding camera image area;
: move up the side view, the corresponding camera image area;
Next: move down the side elevation, the corresponding camera image area;
Left: move to the left side view, the corresponding camera image area;
Right: move to the right Side view, the corresponding camera image area;

Parameter management
Parameters of export: export set parameters to the usb drive;
Parameters of import: from the U dish in the import Settings;
Keep the default parameters: keep the set parameters in the machine, as the default parameters;
Restore the default parameters: keep before the machine parameters restore to the default parameters;
Restore the factory Settings: the unit parameters restore to factory Settings

Format the current insert U disk

Version information:
According to the current version information




The external G-sensor switch
360 panorama control box can have a "Ext" 8 pin interface, can connect the external vibration sensor. When the ACC OFF, external vibration sensor sensing vibrations, triggering 360 panorama control box for 5 minutes of video record.

The play on the computer software
U disk on the record of video files, can be shown on the computer

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