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Turn on the phone Bluetooth function, search to the device after the pairing, at this time the phone and the car radio Bluetooth
has been connected, and then press the host mod key to BT function, you can play mobile phone music and dial the phone
All product drawing & function-instruction is used for reference only, the finally correct details please see in packing kinds, we
reserved the finally explanatory rights.


Introduction to the function of panel buttons:
1, Power: Open/close the machine.
2, Band: Radio switch in FM1, FM2, FM3.
3, 1+1??1: Radio Select song, Fast Forward function.
4, Sel: Sound adjustment. In the operation, press the knob can be adjusted in turn bass,
treble, left and right channel balance, heavy bass, eq sound effects.
5, Vol: Volume size adjustment.
6, Number keys, in radio mode, long press the number key to store the radio channel.
In playback mode: 1 is paused, 2 is 10 seconds preview, 3 is repeat playback, 4 is randomly
played. 5 and 6 are folder selections.
7, LCD display window.
8, TF/SD card slots.
9, USB Jack.
10, IR: Remote receive Window.
11, CLK: Click to display the time; Long press CLK key, when the hour part flashes, rotating
knob can adjust the clock, click the knob, the minute part flashes, rotate knob can adjust
minutes, press CLK confirm save.
12, Mode Test switch.
13, Aux: Can connect the mobile phone, MP3, MP4, MP5, and other audio through the machine
input to the car horn to play.
14, Detachable panel button.


Remote Control Function Introduction:
1 , Power On / Off Switch
2, MODE: mode source switch / hang up when phone
3, Vol +: volume +
4, Vol-: volume -
5, SEL: multi-function and sound settings
6, 7,8,9, 10, 11: station storage button
12, MUTE: Mute switch
13, APS: radio search storage station
14, EQ: equalizer control
15, Scan downward, the next song selection
16, Scan upward, the previous song selection
17, BAND: band switch/ answer the phone calling
18, CLOCK: time display
19, LOUD: loudness adjustment
20, MO / ST: mono and stereo
21, STOP: Stop button

Thank you for purchasing our company's products.
After receiving the product, please read the user manual in order to use the product properly and to avoid the machine damage caused by the wrong operation, thank you!

1. Because the line arrangement are different so each product's cables are different also, please confirm if the sequence of your original car cables are corresponding to this machine's cables before connecting it to your car.
2.  The definition of car cable's color may not unified on each car, so please measure it with a multimeter before you connect it with this machine.
3.  This machine's yellow cable and red cable are the positive pole at the same time , if you only connect one of them, then the machine will not boot. Note that the blue cable is the same as the 12V positive, you can receive the radio antenna or subwoofer control line, if you do not use this cable, please pack its thread and make the insulation
4.  This machine voltage is divided into 12V, 24V, please confirm if the voltage fit and then install. 12V products can not be directly connected to 24V voltage.
5.  About the problem that no sound after installing high-power machines to the car (must read!) Common sense interpretation: there are many car player amplifier models, but basically can be classified into two categories: high power and low power, low power is characterized by the speaker cable can be ground with the original car body. But the high-power speaker cable is strictly prohibited to connect original car body ground, once grounding, there will be no sound in a few seconds or hours, and accompanied by serious heat of the heat sink, the sound is weak, tedious, etc. abnormal phenomenon.
This problem cause the buyer's serious misunderstanding: the original car machine sound is normal, but there is no sound after the installation of new machines?
So: you must use a multimeter to measure whether the original car speaker cable ground or not (or directly check the speaker cable inside the car door )
Note: If you purchased a low power (such as 7377 amplifier) or 24V product, this step is not required.
6. During the wiring, please make sure there is no contact between the cables. There is always electricity in the car battery positive pole, if they contact the speaker cable of the machine will burn the amplifier module and result in no sound.
7.  There is no radio station: please ensure the antenna plug is connected with the machine properly and the original car antenna is normal.
8. Power-off memory playback: all our machine has the memory function, if not, there must be the wiring problem or the original car cable ACC is connected with the battery. Please ensure that the Machine yellow cable has been kept energized, red cable connects the car key switch (ACC). Another: some memory card / U disk will also cause this problem.
9.  The sound quality is not as good as the original car after the installation:
The power of the original car speaker is generally very low, the replacement of the machine will only enhance the volume, but may cause the distorted sound when the volume is enhanced. If you are not satisfied with the sound quality, please replace the speaker to high-power speakers, it is not the reason of this machine power .


Please refer to the installation and wiring diagram
Install the metal sleeve: Refer to the installation diagram, insert the metal frame into the instrument panel, and use the screwdriver to eject the card on the metal sleeve to secure the position.
Power and grade: Positive level connect to car battery positive, negative level connect to ground (battery negative or bottom of the car, Note: In order to prevent short circuit, connecting the battery negative after all installed)

1, Yellow (memory line): connect it with constant voltage posÆÍive (provided to the memory line of
the machine)
2, Red (power cord): connect it with the power switch (car ignition control switch)

The unit can use 4-8 ohm load speakers, disconnect the power cord when connecting the speaker cable to prevent short circuit. Please do not connect it with the ground wire when wiring, and it can not be connected with the speaker cable, otherwise it will damage the machine.


1.  Put the short sleeve into the instrument panel
2. Please according to the icon to bend outward and fit it in the instrument panel
3.  If necessary, please attach the long strips after bending in the accessory to the MS nuts on the back of the tail, then fix the long strips on the instrument panel

If you want to take out the machine, please use the two lock bars in the attachment at the same time insert them into the hole in the following figure, and hold the middle of the machine by hand to take it out

Common fault repair
Sometimes phenomenon considered to be a fault, in fact, is caused by a small operation or wiring errors. Before you ask for repairs, please refer to the following check:

1.  Power supply:
Fuse is burnout: Make sure there is no short circuit in the wire, replace the same fuse.
Auto Ignition ACC Position: Connect the same wire to the ignition wire as the battery lead and connect the memory and power supply to the positive supply.
2. Can not boot: the panel has a reset button, please reset once, it will work generally. If not, please unplug the power cord and then plug in (may not be inserted), it should be able to work properly.
3. After the LOUD is turned on, there is no reaction because there is no bass compensation when the tuned source is selected.
4.  Silent or sound is small, the volume control or balance is not set: adjust the volume control or balance to the central position. Please refer to the wiring diagram to check whether input, output wire, or wire harness is connected properly or not.
When the volume is too large or the load is too heavy, the machine will automatically activate protection and return to normal after cooling.
5. Poor sound quality (distortion): the speaker wire is pressed on both sides of the screw, please check the speaker wire; make sure whether speaker wire is reversed and connect the amplifier output terminals to the speaker terminal.
6. Poor radio reception: check the telescopic antenna to make sure whether it is normal, good or any contact problem.



FM Radio .
Frequency ¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£.87.5-108.0 MHz ..
Practical Sensitivity ¡£¡£¡£¡£. .S15Db
Stereo Resolution .  ¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£  >25Db
SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio). . . . . . . . . . . >60DB


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