Product Name£ºCar Power inverter
Product Description£º

This product design with multiple protection circuit, in use can effectively protect electrical appliances and automotive circuit, when the output voltage exceeds the rated output, the goods can quickly cut off the output circuit, to protect the safety of electrical equipment.
Method of use:
1, place the step-down transformer in ventilation, dry environment.
2, will be 24 v input connected to the power connector, wire section was not less than 2.5, red line to the anode, black line connect the cathode.
3, will the 12 v output connected to the 12 v electrical appliances, wire section was not less than 2.5, red line to the anode, black line connect the cathode. with electric appliance's long-term working current should be less than the rated current of step-down transformer.
4, open the power supply to power a step-down transformer, step-down transformer indicates a green light.
5, open the electrical appliances, can work normally.

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