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Touch Screen Car Rear View DVR Mirror

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  To ensure that properly use our company products, please read this manual carefully. Manual uses illustrations of the way, with the text illustration detailed product visually elaborate operation. since the production date, batches are different which leads to instructions may differ from the actual use of the product, please prevail in kind.
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<1> Button introduction

1: AV-IN rear view camera slot    2: TF-IN      3: USB interface  
4: Power button   5: Menu button  6: Mode button           7: Volume decrease        8: Volume increase    9: No function


1: Recording  (Press recording icon to start DVR recording).
2: Capture    (Press capture icon to enter camera mode).
3: Playback   (Press playback icon to playback recorded video files)
4: Lock Files (Press lock files icon to lock the recorded video files,right side will appear lock icon)
5: Record Audio (Press Record Audio icon to turn on/off voice)
5: Date/Time (Press date/time icon to enter time and date setting)
6: Setting (Press setting icon to enter basic setting)

<2> Button function introduction
2.1 Power button
Function 1: Turn on/off DVR mirror
In the shutdown state, press the [power button] for 3 seconds and then turn on the power supply,press again for 3 seconds the machine will automatically save the video file and shut down.
Function 2: Turn on/off screen back light
In the boot state,short press the [power button] to turn off the screen back light (in this case the DVR system still recording background),press again to turn on the screen back light.

2.2 Menu button
Function 1 : Main menu system setting
In the standby state press [menu button] to enter main menu system setting.

2.3 Mode button
Function 1: Mode switch
In the standby mode, press [mode button] can switching between recording image and main menu setting.

2.4 Volume decrease
In playback mode press [Volume decrease] to decrease the video volume.

2.5 Volume decrease
In playback mode press [Volume increase] to increase the video volume.




<3> Installation

1: Turn off car
2: Insert TF card into dash cam TF card slot.
Attention: Please use high speed TF Card (above Class10), capacity of not less than 4GB, maximum support 32GB TF card, if there is "please format to the machine!" Please format, because the machine has special requirements on the card, otherwise it will cause the video process error!
3: Put the dash cam fixed to the car windscreen.
4: Put the car charger into the car cigarette lighter.
5: Connect car cigarette lighter USB clot to dash cam DVR USB slot
6: Install rear view camera
7: Start the engine and checking if dash cam DVR works perfectly.



11: Reversing visual function

First of all, must connect the car charger cable recorder, put camera cable red line connected with reversing light , black line connected with ground ,plug into car charger and then turn on the DVR, in any state switching R file automatically switch to reverse image with parking line, the DVR will back to recording mode after finished reverse.


Universal Car Rear view DVR Mirror with dual camera lens
Newest touch screen with touch control ,Exclusive UI
5 inch HD Digital IPS screen (854*480)
360 degree rotation,170 degree wide angle
Built-in G-Sensor
1920*1080P 1280*720P Video resolution
Support Motion detection function
Support Parking monitoring function
File Format : Video as AVI, Photo as JPEG
MP3/MP4 player : Yes
Video Playback : Yes
Power : Car charger Input :12~24V, Output: 5V/0.5A
Voice recording : Yes
Photo Size: 1M 2M 5M 8M optional
Display resolution : 800X480 pixels
Battery: Lithium polymer battery 3.7V/300mAh
Language:English,Chinese,Italian,Spanish,Portuguese,German,French,Russian,Japanese,Thai etc.
External storage: Support Maximum 32GB TF card(Optional)
Speaker : Built in
MIC : Built in
Accessories: Car charger,User manual,Cigar lighter,Rear camera


<5>Warranty Card
Year     Month     Day
Users Name   Sexy   Age
Contact   Zip Code 
Purchase Add
Name  Tracking
Price  Series No.
Warranty Items£º
1.Provide 3 month replacement and 1 year warranty from the date of purchase
(Products packaging intact,no scratches)
2.Product warranty service only valid under normal use, not including man-made    damage
3.Product Warranty incorrect operation which resulting in damage to the machine,  replacement material cost need charged when repair.
4.Product warranty disassemble, damaged labels and other violations of national warranty regulations are not covered by the warranty, the company is entitled to do after-sales process
5.The card shall provide warranty, failure to provide or unauthorized alteration of this card is entitled to make a non-warranty processing.

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