Product Name£ºRear view mirror with double screen
Product Description£º

1. Show Ruler Size: 4.3 inch depending on the safe use of the most suitable Rear.
2. Display Devices: TFT-LCD digital high-definition display, make the image clearer, more realistic color.
3. Resolution: 480 (H)*RGB*272 (V).
4. Display Format: 16:9 or 4:3. Entertainment and rear view the double display format.
5. Power: ≤2W ultra-low power consumption, to ensure that products without fever.
6. Rated voltage: DC 12V original car standard voltage.
7. Video input: AV1/AV2. Road video input, AV1 then VCD /DVD video output signal (the default), AV2 connection reversing camera (automatic signal detection).
8. Signal system: PAL /NTSC /AUTO compatible with all signal formats.
9. Brightness: 250 CD/m HD brightness.
10. Contrast Ratio: 300:1 clear contrast.
11. Support Black.

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