Product Name£ºRear view mirror monitor
Product Description£º

1. Support 7 inch LCD screen.
2. Display Format: 16:9 or 4:3.
3. Video input: PAL /NTSC automatic conversion.
4. Supply Voltage : DC 12V.
5. Power consumption: About 7W.
6. Resolution: 480*(RGB)*234 Pixels.
7. FM transmitter frequency: 87.2~88.7MHz.
8. Two way video input, reversing automatically switch special optical lens, the screen can be used for the rear-view mirror.
9. Blue screen: No signal input screen blue screen.
10. Support color: Black.
11. Support the image on the left /right adjustment.
12. Support color /contrast /brightness adjustable.
13. Brightness: 400cd/©O.
14. Contrast Ratio: 400:1.
15. Operating Temperature: -30¡æ ~ 85¡æ.
16. Standby temperature: -40¡æ ~ 85¡æ.
17. DPF state read SD /MMC /MS card or USB (Supported formats: RM /RMVB /MPEG1-MPEG4 /MP3 /AVI /VOB /WMA / JPG).
18. Can be used for DVD / VCD display.
19. SD card support RM /RMVB /MPEG1-MPEG4 /MP3 /AVI /VOB /WMA /JPG and other formats.
20. Connected with camera, rear view and auto wake-up function, no need to install parking sensor automatically switches.
21. The reversing automatic switching.
(1) Boot case: reversing automatically switch to the camera display.
(2) Shutdown case: turn on automatically when reversing the car scene, after reversing automatic shutdown.
22. Special optical lenses, the display is turned off when the original interior mirror and dimming function, the effective protection of traffic safety.
23. Simple to install, easy removal without changes to the original car, consistent with the original car style.
24. Card size full function remote control OSD in English menu.
25. Beautiful appearance, ultra-thin design, stable performance, the image is clear, bright, simple operation.
26. Support for two color:Black /Beige (Optional).
27. General: directly caught in the rear view mirror, the installation and removal easier.
28. Only: replace the original car rearview mirror, the installation more convenient, more beautiful effect.

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